Enough with the political debate. Now for something really important!

Yesterday Jaquandor was posting about the American Film Institute's 100 greatest heros and villains (50 each). And now Country Music Television has come up with their list of the 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music.

Right off the top they got it wrong. Number one, by virtue of being number one, would have to be a "perfect song," right? (back me up here Dan) The first perfect song appears at number three, with "Crazy," recorded by Patsy Cline and
written by Willie Nelson. Number four, "Ring of Fire" recorded by J.R. and written by June, would be my choice for number one. I could allow for a tie with "Crazy."

"Stand by Your Man," and "He Stopped Loving Her Today" are fine songs (although I must say that Lyle Lovett's version of "Stand by Your Man" is a far better performance). From there on I know most all of the songs, and most every song is a winner.

I would rank "Folsom Prison Blues" and "I Walk the Line" higher. I am pleased to see that there is plenty of The Man in Black on the list.

"Friends in Low Places" does not belong in the top ten, if on the list at all.

Glad to see John Denver in at 18.

But how is it we do not hear from Marty Robbins until number 42?

And "Back in the Saddle Again" deserves better than 99.

I look forward to everyones comments. (That was me begging)

**Oh, one more thing, can Mr. Greenwood PLEASE get a new song?**
Ah... memories of college. Jaquandor reminisces on what transpired when boredom took over with only credit card applications on hand to amuse, the unexpected result, and the humorous (and surely felonious) follow up. He also links to the website which sparked this trip down memory lane.

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Damn It! Just Knock It Off!

Seriously. This shit pisses me off. Whenever the issue of flag burning comes up, I feel like my head is going to explode. If this makes it all the way, I may just go out and burn one myself. Normally I think burning the American Flag is just plain silly. The fact that you are legally able to burn it makes the whole act a bit ironic. But banning flag burning would be more of a desecration of that for which the flag stands than burning it. If this passes (I really don't believe it will) everyone that votes in favor of it should be found guilty of violating the law. Voting for it shows disrespect for America, defaces the spirit of the flag, and will contribute to the country's gradual decline Mr. Chabot and Mr. Hatch.
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