A Public Service Announcement

You know what sucks? Working at 3:00 in the morning.

Know what sucks harder? When it is still 86 degrees at 3:00 in the morning.

Know what sucks even harder than that? Getting a flat at 3:00 in the morning.

Harder? Changing it in the dark without your glasses, because it is so humid they keep fogging up.

Even harder? It is raining.

Harder yet? The cop that drives by just looks at you. (I mean changing a tire is a one man job, but seriously, he coulda stopped to shine a light or something)

Harder than that? The spare is low. Very low. Like 10 of the recommended 60 lbs. But that is my fault.

Harder still? While inflating the tire at the gas station, it starts to not just rain, but pour.

And you know what sucks hardest of all? The whole time I thought it was Wednesday.

So, the moral? Quit your shitty job. Oh yeah, and check your spare now and then.


I think it lies on the Tropic of Cancer...

There is no Overheard in Chicago, but if there was I'm sure my sister would be a regular contributor. Check out what she overheard; try to ignore what she oversmelled.

Attention USPS

The cartoon strip "Cathy" ain't funny. Please discontinue the use of Cathy on the mailings promoting your services. Oh, and fire the twit responsible.

Oh, and speaking of ain't funny, "Marmaduke" ain't funny. But this guy makes it funny.

(link via Jaq.)