Two words... Instant Karma

Jaquandor beat me to this. If the allegations are true, the behavior of George Harrison's doctor is despicable. The mere fact that the doctor would bring his family to meet Harrison (if it was without Harrison's permission) would seem to me to be a breach of confidentiality. If the doctor did ask, well that is just an utter lack of class. The doctor has now offered to put the guitar up for charity auction. The Harrison family has rejected this offer, and in their position I think I would feel the same way.
Well, I'll be...

It appears that the artist's conception in my previous post IS accurate after all.

I'm not sure why, but it still seems out of whack to my eye. Maybe it is because the representation of our Sun is little more than a point that causes the discordance between what is, and what is perceived. In the original the Sun is 3 pixels across, and in my mock-up (reduced here for space) the massive star is nearly 600 pixels across. All apologies to the artist.

Some interesting star news. But the real reason I am linking this is the "artist's conception." It is noted that the picture is to illustrate the comparative size of this massive star to our own Sun. The massive star is believed to be 150 time more massive than our Sun, and about 200 times the diameter. Just looking at the drawing I would have to say that the artist has greatly exaggerated the size of this star in her "conception." I will look at this closer when I get home from work, and can put the image into Photoshop to determine how close this comparison really is. Stay tuned.


We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do

I'm a little late with this, but I've been out of town, so too bad. NASA's mission to Mars has reached a milestone. The rover Spirit has landed safely, is up and running, and ready to get to work. Spirit has already started sending some great images back. Check NASA/JPL for the latest images.

This is only the fourth mission to the Mars surface to make it past Martian defense systems. Europe's Beagle lander appears to be lost (apprehended). NASA hopes to raise the tally to five later this month with Spirit's twin rover Opportunity.