OK, it has been brought to my attention by my wife (who is always eager to point out my mistakes, she has gloated both times) that I have mis-quoted the Bard. The quotation from the "Scottish Play" is actually "Double, double, toil and trouble." Oh well.

Speaking of that play, Check out the film "Scotland PA." if you haven't already. I enjoyed it. Many people hated it, but I liked it. That's right I liked it. Whaddaya gonna do?



Forced perspective is cool. Courtesy Mindles H. Drek.
The window of opportunity was not missed by Opportunity. The second of a pair of NASA rovers is now on its way to Mars. Once there, the pair will search for evidence that there was once (or still is) enough water to sustain life on the red planet. Sprit and Opportunity join Japan's troubled Nozomi (hope) atmospheric probe, and the ESA's Express/Beagle 2 orbiter-rover combo (which is having some problems of its own) in an interplanetary convoy. Lets hope they get past the Martian defense systems.