Overheard in the Kitchen

Elsa: Peaches!
Aaron: No, you already had your fruit, you had oranges.
Elsa: PEACHES! Peaches, peach-ohs, peach-hohs, ho-hos, JOE! Abbey!

Abbey and Joe are two of her cousins. Also as far as Elsa is concerned all boys are named Joe.


Holy Cow

It's been a while since I've posted any pictures of Elsa (and reading that last post I think I need to proof-read better). So, here are a bunch of photos taken since then. Mostly in chronological order.



This morning I awoke to the distinctive scream of a DC-9. Not an unusual sound at our house, but this was loud. I mean, it woke ME up. I opened my eyes and all I could see through the skylight over our bed was fuselage. A little bit of wing, a sliver of sky, but mostly fuselage. Runway construction started at Minneapolis Saint Paul International about two weeks ago, and until the work is complete the new north-south runway, normally restricted to take-offs to and approaches from the south, is being used over Minneapolis.

This was shot in my back yard, over the course of about 15 minutes or so, during the evening rush last weekend. Before it was run through the patented YouTube Crap-O-Lation Filter you could clearly make out the rotation in the trees caused by the wingtip vortices, which follow 6-10 seconds after the plane. The first night it was kinda cool, but that wore off fast. I want this done even more than the Crosstown project.

**I will likely try uploading this again, and see if YouTube can encode it without that crap at the beginning**