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I wonder what that Buffalo Blogger thinks about this search that brought someone to ABOHO.
Check Back in About Eight Years...

Well, nothing went my way for the transit yesterday. Monday I called the company that was sending the filters for my cameras to see if I could get a tracking number and verify that they were on the truck, en-route to my house. I was informed the they had shipped on Wednesday of last week, and per my request were being shipped second day air. Hmmm. Second day air, shipped Wednesday, it is now Monday, no filters. We checked the tracking number. Now the problem becomes apparent. The shipping company (which I will not name, but it rhymes with UPS) misrouted the package. It was in Minneapolis on Thursday night, scanned at about 9:30 pm. The next scan, five hours later, placed my package in Michigan, where it is identified as having been misrouted early Friday morning. It is now about 5 pm Monday night, and the last scan was in Milwaukee. Not looking promising. The package arrived Tuesday afternoon, about ten hours after the transit.

Now I understand that mistakes happen, but the way UPS handled it after it was discovered is unacceptable. Notice that my package mistakenly made it from Minneapolis to Michigan in about five hours, but took four and a half days to purposely make it back? I realize that UPS doesn't deliver on Saturday or Sunday, but still. It seems to me that it should be policy that if a mistake such as this is found, as it was, it should be corrected as quickly as possible. I know that "Brown" does offer next day air, so I know that it would have been possible for the package to be at my house on Monday. Their customer service has yet to offer resolution that I find acceptable. I will be calling again today.

With no filter, I took my binoculars to work with me hoping to view the transit by using the binoculars to project the image into a white surface, similar to the pinhole method. The clouds offered no help. So, even if UPS had come through, I would have been out of luck. But that's not the point.

Maybe I will take some photos next time there is good sunspot activity.


A Walk on the Sun

Ready for tomorrow's transit? Here is everything you need to know. I will be viewing, photographing, and videotaping the event. That is if everything clicks into place. Hopefully the weather and parcel delivery gods will be on my side. Remember when I told you to get ready for the transit? FOUR MONTHS AGO? Well I hope you did as I said, and not as I did. Being the procrastinator that I am, I waited until last week to try and order solar filters for my cameras. Well, no dice, but the company that makes the filters was able to ship some of the raw materials used for the filters. Hopefully it will arrive today, and the skies will be clear tomorrow morning. I will try to get some photos up here within the week (to a year), or if you are in the Twin Cities tune into Five Eyewitness News Morning and you may see some of the video in the 6:30 half hour.