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Hey Winter! Is this the best you got old man?

This morning when I left for work the thermometer read -18, and wind chills were dipping below -40. It has since dipped to -24. Only 60 degrees from my minimum motorcycle temp. Depressing.


Ready? On the count of three. One, two...

How not to free your car from the snow. Before clicking on this link, have a seat, and set any beverages safely out of reach. This is the funniest thing I have seen this year. Warning to my dial-up readers, the file is about 14MB, but it is worth it.

Thanks to Dan for the link.


Opportunity Knocks. Will Mars answer?

The Opportunity Rover has landed and is sending back pictures. What we see is much different than anything we have seen from the Martian surface before. There are little green men there! OK, not really. But we do see our first bedrock outcropping from Mars. This should offer some insight into what has taken place in the red planets history. The Opportunity doesn't face the airbag problems that Spirit did, so it should get moving a little more quickly.

Speaking of Spirit, JPL thinks that they are on the trail of what caused the failure last week. While it may be a few weeks away, the controllers are confident that they can get Spirit rolling again.