Returning to Normal

A tiny bit at a time.


All I wanted to do was put my head down, and close my eyes for the 15 minutes (not the 30 minute lunch I should get) I had between the time when we finished editing the show, and when I had to retrieve tapes from playback and get back to work. I had bunched up my jacket for a pillow, dimmed the lights, turned off the machines (they are noisy), taken off my glasses, and my head was resting peacefully on my makeshift pillow. I could sense someone standing in my doorway. Then he (one of the other editors) started talking to me. About nothing. And kept talking. Until I had to squeeze past him to go get tapes and get back to work. At which point he disappeared for fifteen minutes to go to his car to smoke.

All I wanted was to close my eyes for 15 minutes.


A Father's Goodbye

Quinn's funeral was Friday. Go read the words Kelly wrote for the funeral bulletin.