Another death that may have slipped under the radar of many was that of Larry Hovis.

John Ritter also died last night.
"I don't want no aggravation
When my train has left the station
If you're there or not, I may not even know
Have a round and remember
Things we did that weren't so tender
Let the train blow the whistle when I go."

Johnny Cash is dead at age 71. He died this morning at 1am of respiratory failure resulting from complications of diabetes.

Cash's career spanned nearly 50 years. He recorded nearly 500 albums. Perhaps more than any other musician, his influence and appeal remained strong throughout nearly his entire career, despite lack of airplay by country radio in later years.

With so much to say about this legend, I am not sure I can do justice in the time I have available. Instead, here are a few relevant links.


All Music Guide

A great compilation of Johnny's music up to 1983.

Of course there is "At Folsom Prison," and any of the American Recordings would be a good buy.


OK, count it off, a standard 12 bar B-flat blues... er blacks?

Hubble has taken advantage of the great view of Saturn, with its rings at full tilt. I really gotta get a telescope.
Well, it turns out that the myth of a duck's quack having no echo may have been built around a bit of truth.