AJ Who?

Amanda wants you to go vote former Twins catcher Pierzynski into the All Star Game. That's cool. Just so she remembers that he's got nothin' on current Twins catcher Joe Mauer (even though he was robbed of a starting spot).

Nice Try,

But you're still no Van Gogh.

What I Overheard

Notice, if you will, I've updated my links on the left hand side of your screen. I added Shawn, and added the updated link for Jason, who has moved again since my last post to High Weir.

I have also added three links under "The Funnies" for the overhead sites: In the Office, In New York, and At the Beach. The headlines aren't quite as good as they were when Michael Malice was editor, but they are still worthwhile. In a related note, I've hit the big time. On my birthday no less...