Go Google Yourself

Here's the deal, Google your name and the word "needs" and post the first ten results. My sister did this, and then did it again changing "needs" to "wants," and got some erie results. Then later Google did it to her again. It is a small world wide web folks. Anyway, here I go... (By the way, many of the top hits were other people doing this same meme, so I left those out, as well as stuff like "wants to know which geology books to start with for a research project.")


1. Aaron Needs a Tracheostomy.
2. Aaron needs to learn how to count.
3. Aaron needs a miracle! (Amen!)
4. Aaron needs to trust his stuff and pound the strike zone. (Ewww!)
5. Aaron - needs to make a career change (Again I say "Amen!")
6. Aaron needs two running tens for a tie or two running fives to win the pot. (I try to avoid needing running cads to win, but hey, it happens)
7. Aaron needs help.
8. Aaron needs to work on his keyboard comfort level. (I am a shitty pianist)
9. Aaron needs to get his motor pulled. (again, Ewww!)
10. Aaron needs to know how to capitalise on his strengths and to circumvent his weaknesses. (Don't we all? Oh, and using spell check is a good place to start circumventing those weaknesses)


1. Aaron wants to visit 29 places.
2. Aaron wants to be a millionaire. (Well, yeah)
3. Aaron wants a big favour!
4. Aaron wants to do 40 things.
5. Aaron wants to confess his love to Rachel. (Don't know her, I swear!)
6. Aaron wants to play the trombone for a living. (Gave up on that a while back)
7. Aaron wants the Hoboken audience to get as down and dirty as the groundlings at the Globe in the 1600s.
8. Aaron wants to retrieve from his mom some valuable mementos that Bruce Willis gave him.
9. Aaron wants a girl. (Already got the best one ever)
10. Aaron wants to make some money from his blogging popularity. (HA! Ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha...)

Well quite a few of those came close. Google must be psychic.