Speaking of Renaissance Men...

Amanda provides a link to this. Wow indeed.

Her post here.

Hey Girls, He's Single!

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My good friend Shawn now has a blog. I'm not sure what, or how often he will be posting, but when he does you can be sure it will be worthwhile. You see, Shawn is a true Renaissance Man. While I can do many thing passably, he does many things well. Bastard.

Anyway, he will be added to the blogroll at the left. I will also be making some other changes to the blogroll, including adding a link to Jason, formerly of Finches Wings, who is now blogging on MySpace. Finches Wings was appropriated, and renamed "Finche Swings" by someone else once Jason had abandoned it.

What can I get for $950?

Another year at least, I hope. That is what we just dropped on my car, but honestly, I really can't complain. Most of it went towards new breaks all the way 'round, along with a tune-up, and the flushing of several fluids.

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I've been driving my Civic for ten and a half years now (140K miles) and have only once replaced the pads up front, and the shoes on the rear, so it was about due. Outside of that the only expenses we've had outside of the expected (exhaust, brakes, tires, etc.) was replacing the air conditioner condenser. I haven't made a car payment in six years, and am not looking making one any time soon. Not to mention tabs and insurance are about as low as they get.

Time for a new picture

Well, I know it has been a couple of days since I posted last, and I want to keep you all interested, so, I am going the easy rout for now and giving you all an up dated picture of Elsa.

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