What has 58 million transistors and 400 meters of copper wire? Oh, and its just 118 square millimeters.

Do you ever have that feeling, "Man! I should have just waited a few more months..."


OK, in accordance with the rules of the New Blog showcase, I am voting for at least three other entrants. I say at least three because I am re-reading a few, and may add another one or two if I feel so inclined. I would vote for my own entry, but it wouldn't count anyway. These are in no particular order.

First, Norbizness talks about the smoking ban in bars in Austin. I know the feeling, there are some issues that make my head spin, this is actually one of them. The same thing is happening in towns around Minnesota. I won't get into it any further now, or maybe ever as far as A Blog of His Own goes.

The next entry has to do with the lack of venues for independent film makers. Now that more and more content is being produced thanks to the DV revolution, Brian Flemming wishes that there was a set of graduated venues (filters) for these films, similar to the theatre system for stage. I agree. A friend and I are currently in the development stages for a short. I will be looking into possible outlets in Minnesota, and around the midwest. If you know of anything, let me know. Of course there are always the internet outlets such as AtomFilms.

And lastly at truck808, Robert tells the story of Rex and Angel.