Do I Have A Sign On My Back That Says "Tag Me?"

OK, Dan tagged me with this a while back. Better late than never right?

1. It is Dan's theory that one only has time to devote to 10 outside-of-work pursuits. What makes your list? This can be an idealized version of your life (e.g. pursuits in which you are interested but just haven't found the time or ambition to start).

My first few are the same as Dan's, here they are:

1. Above all else, Elsa and Krista.
2. Friends.
3. Movies and good TV.
4. Music both creation and consumption. Though I have had a hard time getting going on the creation side.
5. Bicycling. Hopefully next summer, when Elsa can come along, I will get back to 20 miles every day again.
6. Video Editing. I know this is ALSO my job, but it is something I truly enjoy. Now if only my job...
7. Reading, even though I am a terribly sow reader.
8. Poker. Both a low stakes game as an opportunity for number 2, and a more serious game.
9. Travel/Motorcycling. The bike serves as my primary mode of commuting during the summer, and is a great stress reliever on the way home. I don't often just "Go for a ride." around town (if I have time for that it is usually pedal powered), but a trip on the bike is about as good as it gets. Even if it is just a day trip down the Mississippi.
10. Home improvement/building stuff. Like a poker table.

2. What are the last five albums you bought? Are you just kind of buying albums on a whim these days or following any kind of overarching plan-such as exploring a genre or working your way through a backlog of albums you've wanted to buy for some time?

Kenny Burrell, Midnight Blue
Dr. Lonnie Smith, Boogaloo To Beck
Elvis Costello, The Delivery Man
Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Olympic Hopefuls, The Fuses Refuse to Burn (Great Twin Cities band on the verge of hitting it big, and yes they were still Olympic Hopefuls when I bought the disc. Check 'em out, and also check out Darren Jackson's other band Kid Dakota).

My plan? Yourmusic.com. Best music deal out there. May not have everything, but if they have something you want, you can't beat $5.99 with free shipping. (Just after posting this I see that Dan is onto the yourmusic.com goodness).

3. Everyone has an issue (at least one)-political or philosophical-that is kind of their personal baby. One on which they feel they have an enlightened view in a greater world that just either doesn't get it or doesn't care. Tell us about it-and attempt to be brief.

Boy, I am not sure that I have one that sticks out. There are a number that I get really frustrated about. Gay marriage is one, but I have posted about that before. Another frustration is with extremists with whom I agree on the issues, but their tactics a poorly thought out. Or not thought out at all. This may be off topic, but I feel like a rant. I once overheard a person who was in the Twin Cities to protest the Highway 55 bypass telling someone that a she and some friends were headed to New Orleans for a protest, and man was it going to be awesome. When asked what they were protesting she replied "I don't know yet." Then there was the group that was protesting the scourge of SUVs by setting whole lots full on fire. Besides the pollution from 20 burning SUVs, there is the fact that they are insured, and they will just build more. No one who was going to buy an SUV was moved, and in all likelihood those wavering were put off to your cause. Oh, and their spokesman showed up to give their news conference in a Grand Cherokee. You are not helping.

4. Prairie, mountains, woods, desert, lake, the sea. Which calls to you the most? Where would you most choose to reside? RANK THEM!

There are so many places that if feasible I would like to live for a year and most of these are included in my list, so it is hard to rank, but I will give it a shot:

1. Lake
2. Sea (Iceland, North Shore of Superior, not the warmer climes)
3. Mountains
4. Woods
5. Prairie
6. Desert

5. Guilty pleasure TV. Is there a show that would be condemned by your peers, but yet you find yourself watching it on a regular basis? Let's hear it.

Like Mixdorf I will have to say Blind Date and the like.

No limit or minimum of people to tag. Send this to whomever you choose.

OK, so I will tag none, but invite all.


Five Months

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That is how old she is today. She weighs in at 15 pounds 13 ounces and is 26.5 inches. She is smiling all the time (ok, most of the time), has two teeth, has rolled over onto her back, and is able to stand for minutes at a time (with a little help on the ballance end).

We went to the State Fair today (I forget the camera), and Elsa took in her first Rock and Roll show. The Hopefuls (formerly Olympic Hopefuls, until they got a threatening letter from the USOC. Seriously.) were playing, and were the main reason we ventured to the fair.

I leave you with some of my favorite photos from the past few months.
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
With Great-Grandma.

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Gotta love that hair.

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Day at the beach