He gets down, he gets down,
He gets down all the way.

Excuse me while I gush. The Beck show was out of this world. The concert further cemented one thing in my mind, that Beck has no (current) peer in the world of popular music. He is the truly eclectic musician. He takes Bob Dylan, Prince, James Brown, Beastie Boys, every conceivable genre and niche, bestows upon it his own substantial element, purees the whole damn mess, and serves it up for our delectation.

He also is the latest, in a long line of rockers, to prove one undeniable fact, jumpsuits are cool.


Hitching a ride with the bleeding noses
Come into town with the briefcase blues

Beck concert tomorrow night! WoooHooo!
Atari was so cool.

This very cool link comes to us courtesy Sean.

I want them all!
Another big list of songs

I'm less enthused about this new list from VH1 than I was about the 100 greatest country songs. It lists what it claims are the 100 best songs of the past 25 years. There are only a couple of songs on this list that would crack my top 100, most probably wouldn't make it in to my top 1000. I have no problem with Beastie Boys being on the list, but not for "Fight for Your Right." And what, no Elvis Costello?
Third Time's the Charm

Spirit has blasted off successfully after the launch was delayed twice due to weather. Later this month Opportunity, Spirit's twin, will start it's own journey to the red planet. One of my favorite things about launches such as this, is when NASA places a camera on the rocket to provide a live look back at earth as the spaceship races away. It's soooo cool.

These missions will look for geological evidence of liquid water, indicating the possibility that Mars was once hospitable to life of some type. Or even that it is currently supporting life, this is unlikely though, those Martians are crafty...


And, the award for Mother of the Year goes to...

Jacqueline Allerton.
Well, I hope Jaquandor's ego will survive. I have added to my "blogroll" at the left, and added other links as well. These will be expanding as time goes by. Hopefully soon I will be revamping the look around here as well. If you would like me to link to your site, you may submit it for consideration.
Over at Interact Sean has collected and posted a list of web-logs with a Wartburg College connection. If you are aware of any more, let him know.


More profanity!

I happend across a link detailing all of my brother's spelling errors on the shitpienet message board. Sorry Adam, this was just too good not to share.

spelling mishaps for adam . . . weblog weblog brotha i'll axe er'body hoodied elvinkind packin mufuxxer sportin dan evan dipshit pic ander HHI anticon evan pic madison fred ross pic moscow vancouver internet wisconsin headbutted evan shite moscow lisa labrats lp adam shitepie jim wisconsin evan dan garek aaron hippy san migaueauiuael LZ elton madison beatdown recieved dan taff's muddin moscow icehouse shitfaced garek's monday aaron hah pics adam ya'll idaho evan's garek mfin jones aaron monday wisconsin adam garek moscow aaron garek evan's moscow evan adam canadian ander dan taff jim geltabs vancouver dan vancouver dan ander arby's jim ander dan pussys vancouver jim ya'll adam trippy retrievedis pics pics anneli evan ben dan dan lapdance lightbulb helen keller evan i've patchouli greatful cd's dancin doin ok woohoo lisa cd eyedea ali cd minneapps beatbox feelin mic evan da sensai i'm copywrite cd adeem cd adeem paul roseanne barr mr t's Adeem steve erkel fav holmes fuckin fuckity fuckin beeotch herbert kornfeld's derek theonion satoris karl watson's hippyed midwest eyedea madison evan moscow bacheolor higoodbye eyedea musab holla ya'all labrats i'm eydea dio markie da birfday jim SLug Murs christina ricci minneapps cds cd aesop eyedea aaron cuban emo moscow moscow cd beleive hatin cd jim herpesgonnasyphaclaparea DL dawg kickin kevin gettin skateshoppin hangin cd evan Queada I'Sheet M'drawrs warday ya'll jenn cadillac escalades seperate portland pics marshall sprux evan's funer jim shitepie cheeseheads Eyedea moscow greece definitly francis pissin shitter shitter preshow sooo tootin Wi stileproject i'm marshall aaron midwest madison ya'll marshall moscow jenn's greece jenn jim aaron jenn moscow jenn jim elzey doin dan taff moscow evan lisa's garek druss dan taff christmas dan jim marshall christmas avoidin christmas santa's i'll cellie shizzilate bithday url snoopalized i'm sayin madison milwaukee murs definitly midwest

Jaquandor was commenting on his favorite sounds of spring, and one of them is that of which I dream all through the long cold Minnesota winter.

He writes:

"But one of my favorites is the unmistakable rumble of ten or more Harley bikes and choppers as they come down the main drag and zoom by."

While I find Harlies to be over-rated (I found the one I rode had a heavy clutch, and handling that left much to be desired, so I'll stick to my Shadow for now), over-priced, and great many of them not appealing to my visual sensibilities, I have to agree. There is little that gets me going like the thought of motorcycles, and nothing puts the thoughts of motorcycles in my head like the rumble of a V-twin engine.

When I am in my cage (car) and I see riders out on the road, a jealousy wells up inside me like that of a grade school kid listening to the radio on a winter morning and hearing the magical words "snow day..." for the school up the road.

As far as Harley Davidsons go, while they would never likely be my first choice, when that feeling stirs within, any bike would do. As that girl behind the counter at Barnes and Noble said "All bikes are special." Maybe I will have to add a section of motorcycle links when I re-design this page.
It appear I am in peril of becoming a wiggly worm. Only a few days ago I was a lowly insect. Obviously I am going to have to work harder to come up with posts to convince people to link to me...