Jaquandor was commenting on his favorite sounds of spring, and one of them is that of which I dream all through the long cold Minnesota winter.

He writes:

"But one of my favorites is the unmistakable rumble of ten or more Harley bikes and choppers as they come down the main drag and zoom by."

While I find Harlies to be over-rated (I found the one I rode had a heavy clutch, and handling that left much to be desired, so I'll stick to my Shadow for now), over-priced, and great many of them not appealing to my visual sensibilities, I have to agree. There is little that gets me going like the thought of motorcycles, and nothing puts the thoughts of motorcycles in my head like the rumble of a V-twin engine.

When I am in my cage (car) and I see riders out on the road, a jealousy wells up inside me like that of a grade school kid listening to the radio on a winter morning and hearing the magical words "snow day..." for the school up the road.

As far as Harley Davidsons go, while they would never likely be my first choice, when that feeling stirs within, any bike would do. As that girl behind the counter at Barnes and Noble said "All bikes are special." Maybe I will have to add a section of motorcycle links when I re-design this page.

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