Seriously though, what about Teen Wolf Too?

This week the folks at The Onion AV Club interview Jason Bateman, the star of Arrested Development. If you aren't watching this show, you should be. It is the best new show out there, or at least the best new show that I am watching. OK, it is the only new show that I am watching, but it is really, really good. What I would like to know, about which Mr. Bateman was not queried, is why we were not better warned by Fox that we NEEDED to watch on Wednesday of last week. The new episode that aired on Wednesday was the set-up for the episode this past Sunday. Now, Fox may have mentioned that Wednesday's episode was new, but if they did, I missed it, and in turn the new episode.


Power to the People! But what if the People are idiots?

Well, it is on its way. The push to amend the Minnesota Constitution to LIMIT civil rights cleared its first hurdle yesterday. Well, it was hardly a hurdle. The bill passed 88-42 in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Hopefully it will encounter more resistance in the Senate. If it gets through the Senate, hopefully the people of Minnesota will have the wisdom not to amend the Constitution to limit rights. Though I don't see much hope there. Pat had a great post in the issue of gay marriage about three weeks ago (Uh, Pat? Are you still with us?). His post pretty much sums up my position on the whole matter.

I do not believe that your sexuality is a choice.

I do not believe it is a sin.

I do not believe that it will diminish the meaning of "Marriage." Anyway, who cares? Well apparently quite few people. Many of those opposed claim that they do not want to see the definition of what a marriage is to change. Most are liars. The truth is that they do not want to see ANY legal status for gay couples.

The legal ramifications are, in my view, the most important aspect of the whole issue. There is now a custody case in Minneapolis involving a lesbian couple. Well former couple. While some of the problems in this case do not seem as though they would be helped by the legalization of gay marriage (attitudes of the Chinese government, and the legal guardian changing her mind about seeking parental status for her partner), it isn't hard to imagine a scenario where legal gay marriage would help simplify things.

So lets just legalize civil unions for gays and give these civil unions all the legal rights of married heterosexual couples. Oh right, separate but equal. Many gay couples want the "marriage" designation. What to do, what to do...

Here is what to do:

Remove "marriage" from the whole debate. The prevailing argument is that "the Bible defines" marriage as the union of one man and one woman. OK, so that makes marriage a religious issue. Separation of church and state right? Aaron's new deal: The government will recognize civil unions. Gay, straight, doesn't matter. As far as the government is concerned it is a civil union. You want to get married in a church? Fine. Get married in a church, call it a marriage, call it a culpaloo, call it whatever the hell you and your church want to call it. As far as Government is concerned it is a civil union. That moves the entire "definition of marriage" thing away from government. Let the churches deal with it.
Broadcast? Who needs it?

I see via that Buffalo Blogger that Lynn Sislo is annoyed with the way that Fox is airing the current season of 24, (in addition to an apparent drop in the quality of scripts). Jaquandor has a good point about the complications of stretching 24 episodes over 32 weeks. Fox doesn't have much choice but to air them with a few extended breaks here and there (unlike poor Futurama which they royally screwed). Reruns are not an option with 24, so Fox is probably doing the best they can. But I have a better way! The proper way to watch 24 is the way Krista and I do it. DO NOT watch when it airs on TV. Wait for the DVDs to become available, and place them all at the top of your Netflix rental queue. We plowed through the first two seasons in about two weeks apiece. We averaged two episodes a day. With no commercials that comes to about an hour and twenty minutes. One problem is forcing yourself to turn off the DVD player, and not moving right on to the next episode, and wasting your entire day. Also be careful to ignore the promos for the current season while watching The Simpsons. "WHAT! NINA IS A BAD GUY?!?!?!?"

Netflix rentals make up the majority of our viewing, other than Sunday nights on Fox and That 70s Show (which is suffering this year). We started out with all of the original Avengers, moved on to Star Trek TOS, the first season of 24, the Spielberg SF Channel mini series Taken, the second 24, and now we are starting on Monty Python's Flying Circus (Which Krista doesn't find nearly as amusing as I do) and Star Trek TNG.
Adventures in Cooking

If Scott is planning any more experiments in the kitchen this week, I hope for his sake that he is not a Pisces.


May The Force Be With You...

Speaking of Sean, I see that he (and in turn I) totally scooped Wired (no link to the Wired bit, it isn't on the website yet) on "Obi-Shawn" Crosby and His H-Wing. Also check out the rest of Road Squadron, it's just so geeky-cool.
Cutting Through the Crap

The Buffalo Blogger was wondering when a comment turns into a post on your own weblog. Well, you are reading one.

On his Buffalo Blog he points to a post from Steven Den Beste offering solutions to spam and web ads that can slow down that vital browsing that you are doing. SDB's browsing solution seems like a lot of work to me. At home I use Safari, and I never have troubles with pages pausing during loading (I do have this problem at work however using IE). Safari also has a great pop-up blocker. I am not sure how it compares with EarthLink's (which is in use by the Buffalo Blogger) or other such tools. It allows pop-ups to which you navigate, but blocks those that pop up or under when loading the page. I do not seem to notice it blocking anything it shouldn't, but maybe I am, and just don't notice... Safari also has built-in spell check (and it works better than the spell check that blogger has built in) which is a great asset for dolt's like me. I don't like to get into the whole Mac vs. PC thing, but Safari is one great argument (albeit a small one) in Apple's favor. To be fair, I haven't used any of the alternative browsers on PC, such as Opera or Mozilla etc.

As far as spam goes, I almost never get it at home. Not sure if RoadRunner has blocking software or not. I do get a shitload at work. Most of it is blocked, though I still have to delete it (which can be interesting, when you get to see that you have gotten an average of 100 spams a day) but ten to twenty still manage to get through daily. The most frequent one these days encourages me to become a man of the cloth, which I first saw via Sean awhile back.