Walks Reclaimed

Had to edge before winter so the Wovel would fit. The pile was bigger than it looks in the photo. It was about six inches deep and took up a full section of sidewalk.


Last night I was lucky enough to catch Elvis Costello perform with the Minnesota Orchestra. It was a great show despite his obvious cold. Singing with a cold is bad enough, but singing at the top of your range, like Elvis does so often, has to be tough. But he nailed it all night.

The show started with the orchestra playing selections from Il Sogno. Then EC came on stage and performed several songs from throughout his career, with great orchestral arrangements. Included were a few from The Juliet Letters, and Painted from Memory.

After the show we headed to The Dakota for the after party, where it was rumored that EC would play, but he didn't show. As an added bonus my man Murphy scored the tickets for free. Thanks Murph.


Pedal Power

This past Sunday we did the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour, and took Elsa along for the first time. Let me tell you, when towing the trailer strong winds are worse than any hill. Fortunately it looks like Elsa will be ready to go under her own power next year.

*I keep reminding Krista: when using the digital still camera to take movies, landscape, landscape, landscape...