Well, since Christmas, I've been trying to decide what to buy with the cash I was given as gifts from various people. I am stuck between a point and shoot digital camera (I still need to save a bit more for the one I want) and a nice ukulele.

I have been leaning towards the digital camera. I want something small and portable that I can take with me wherever I go. It will not replace my SLR on trips or when I am feeling artistic (I love the options my wide angle and telephoto lenses give me), but it would be great for those times when you just need a camera and don't have the SLR because it just isn't practical.

But now the uke has started gaining ground again. On his Buffalo Blog, that Buffalo Blogger points out this post from John Scalzi asking which songs should be uked. That in turn led me to this, and this, and this. Here is a complete list.