An Oliopolis Terror Tale
The Return of the Curse of the Camden Creature's Ghost

I have been meaning to get this taken care of for a while now, better late than never I guess. Notice the addition of Oliopolis to the blog roll. Not to be confused with Oliopolis under the music links. Maybe Dan can suggest a way to differentiate the two in my sidebar.

In checking out the goings-on in the world of Dan be sure to note the latest appearance of Dan's unearthly tenant. Find my thoughts in the comments.


Didn't I read About This in Revelation?

I just heard Coltrane on my TV monitor. Surprised I looked up, only to realize it was being used in a K Mart commercial. Sinners repent.
Double Entendre

Spam just arrived in my inbox with this subject:
Meat your s0ulmate
Do you think this is simply an attempt to dodge spam filters, an intentional play on words, or simply poor spelling?

The rest of the message just confuses me:
fear kane adulthood congestive stuart cozy corbett screwworm proserpine hereunder locate yourself a becoming babe