As Long as I'm Here...

I'll link to some photographic goodness.

Dan, Pat and their friend from high school, Steven, have embarked (almost two months ago) on a year long photo project, 365 (Dan's, Pat's, Steven's). The will be posting a photo a day throughout the year.

My friend Kathy just returned from Hawaii, jealous much? She is a very talented photographer, if you've been to our house you've seen her work. Her work is for sale, and she is also for hire for portraiture if you're looking. (A couple of the ones she has done for us here, and here)

I'll add links in the sidebar when I decide on a new template.

What Happened?

Well, I had to change my template when I moved to the new blogger, but there wasn't really one I liked. I've been looking for one that I can easily modify, but I am having trouble finding one compatible with the new blogger. If you know of some that don't come up in a simple Google search point me to 'em, although I don't see me having time to work on it in the next few weeks...