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I Want to Tell You

Krista and I saw "Concert for George" last night. It was fab.

As a film, it was a nearly perfect mix of documentary and concert. It concentrated on the music, but threw in bits of interview at just the right time and of just the right amount. Eric Clapton did a wonderful job putting the concert together, and all of the performances were outstanding. Paul McCartney, Ringo, Clapton, Billy Preston, Jeff Lynne, a composition by Ravi Shankar, and many others. There were even a couple of appearances by Monty Python (minus John Cleese). One great moment was a shot of Ringo and Eric Clapton joking around during the rehearsal, but in the background was Dhani Harrison shaking his guitar in the air, top down, trying to get a pick out of the sound hole.

I smiled through the whole film. I don't think a recorded performance has ever given me chills before, but Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton singing "Something" did. If you love George Harrison, you must see this. If you are at all a fan of the Beatles, you should see this. And you can do so with my assurances that Jeff Lynne's heavy handed mixing is not present in the soundtrack.


Well, it appears my comments are missing once again... So any comments you have you can e-mail me, and I will make sure they make it up here.

Well of course as soon as I put this post up, the comments reappeared. If they go down again, you know where to find me.

Ok, real funny. As soon as I amended this post to note the reappearance of the comments, poof, gone again.


So, another week, another win. Just wait 'til November when both Daunte and Bennett are back. Normally I would avoid this sort of optimism for fear of a jinx, but the Vikings appear to be immune to my positivism.

I was not able to watch the game on Sunday, but caught most of it on the radio as Krista and I took in in the sights along Lake Superior's north shore (should "north shore" be capitalized with this usage? Anyone... Anyone...). Anyway, I am still no closer to solving my jersey dilemma. I was leaning towards Williams (Moe) or Chavous (and this weeks game did nothing to deter this) but last week at work someone made the comment (totally unrelated to any of this) that I seemed like a Kleinsasser kind of guy. This was the same coworker who's last words to me before my trip to Vegas this past spring were "Black 22." For those of you not in the know, my first night there I was tempted to bet black 22 at a $20 roulette table, but decided this was foolish, and I should save my money for the $1 blackjack tables. Of course the little ball landed on black 22, and I was spared the $700 pay-out...

But I digress. I need some input here folks. I know that there are at least a couple of you around here with some insight and opinions. Jaquandor offered up Chris Walsh, and that would have settled it, were not for the fact that he is no longer on the team. It appears that Jaq may get most of his Vikings news from this weblog, and that ain't saying much. Maybe I should alert him to The Strib...
Well, it appears that Adam is dissatisfied with the frequency of my posting. This has prompted him to promise the creation of a blog that is gonna blow our collective socks off. I await eagerly.