Broadcast? Who needs it?

I see via that Buffalo Blogger that Lynn Sislo is annoyed with the way that Fox is airing the current season of 24, (in addition to an apparent drop in the quality of scripts). Jaquandor has a good point about the complications of stretching 24 episodes over 32 weeks. Fox doesn't have much choice but to air them with a few extended breaks here and there (unlike poor Futurama which they royally screwed). Reruns are not an option with 24, so Fox is probably doing the best they can. But I have a better way! The proper way to watch 24 is the way Krista and I do it. DO NOT watch when it airs on TV. Wait for the DVDs to become available, and place them all at the top of your Netflix rental queue. We plowed through the first two seasons in about two weeks apiece. We averaged two episodes a day. With no commercials that comes to about an hour and twenty minutes. One problem is forcing yourself to turn off the DVD player, and not moving right on to the next episode, and wasting your entire day. Also be careful to ignore the promos for the current season while watching The Simpsons. "WHAT! NINA IS A BAD GUY?!?!?!?"

Netflix rentals make up the majority of our viewing, other than Sunday nights on Fox and That 70s Show (which is suffering this year). We started out with all of the original Avengers, moved on to Star Trek TOS, the first season of 24, the Spielberg SF Channel mini series Taken, the second 24, and now we are starting on Monty Python's Flying Circus (Which Krista doesn't find nearly as amusing as I do) and Star Trek TNG.

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