The other day, Jaquandor was commenting on the pure evil that is a cat. Well, I'm not sure if stupidity is a trait of all felines, or just mine, but either way, this is one area where she excels.

Today a crew started drain-tiling our basement, which entails jack-hammering the floor around the perimeter. Needless to say this freaked the cat out a bit, nothing too bad, she just hid under the bed in the bedroom. Around noon or so, the crew took their lunch break. Soon after they started back to work, Krista realized that the cat had disappeared. At first we thought that she had slipped outside, as the door was propped open as the crew hauled the concrete out. After looking around the block, we asked the crew if they had seen her. One of the workers said that he had seen her in the basement when he came back from lunch. As it turns out she was still in the basement.

Because of the mess involved with tearing up a cement floor, we moved all of our stuff in the basement to the center, and covered it with drop cloths. It seems that this is where the cat headed once the workers returned. That's cool, I can respect that. Great place for a cat to hang, under a big pile of stuff, lots of things to check out and all. Here is where our cat showcases her incredible stupidity. I assume when the jack-hammering resumed, the cat freaked again, and not being able to return upstairs tho her under-the-bed sanctuary (this would have involved being seen by strangers, gasp!) she delved deeper into the pile of stuff. When we found her, she had managed to get under a set of industrial-style shelves we have. There is more room under the bottom shelf, but the opening she had to squeeze though can't be more than three inches. With some coaxing she managed to get her head back out, but her body was still stuck under the shelf, and now her head was stuck outside the shelf. With quite a bit of effort, I managed to tilt the shelf (keep in mind that this shelf is at the center of the pile, so I was lying under the workbench, wedged between quite a bit of junk trying to tilt a seven foot shelf loaded with more junk that is tightly surrounded on all sides) just enough that I was able to pull her out.

Stupid cat.

Now I was able to go back to sleep. Oh, wait, the jack-hammering...

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