**WARNING!!! Profanity ahead**
(Who am I kidding, nobody reads this anyway)

Don't cry, everything is going to be OK. David Cross has a new comedy album out on Sub Pop Records. While I have yet to hear Shut Up, You Fucking Baby! I am going to strongly recommend it.

David Cross is that guy that when you see him, you will go "OH, THAT guy." He is also one half of the HBO series Mr. Show. If you have never seen Mr. Show, I suggest, no, I demand you rent it now! For the uninitiated, Mr. Show ran for four seasons on HBO. Mr. Show was a sketch comedy that starred David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, and featured other recognizable faces such as Jack Black, and Brian Posehn. What follows is my feeble attempt to describe the genius that was Mr. Show. "A modern, American, more vulgar Monty Python."

I only lament that I've only seen the first two seasons, because the last two have yet to be released on DVD, and I have always been too cheap to pay for HBO. However, season three will be released in August. While my birthday is in July, a pre-order would make a fine gift...

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