The New Blog Showcase

Well, thanks to relaxed rules this week, I am able to give another shot at the New Blog Showcase at The Truth Laid Bear. The post I have entered this time around is the one directly below, "The French Method." So, if you have a weblog, vote for me! To do this, simply link directly to said post from your blog (general links to A Blog of His Own will not count). The link must be on your main page come Sunday night/Monday morning.

Note: Somehow the link to my entry has gotten screwed-up on TTLB. If you plan on voting for me use this URL: http://ablogofhisown.blogspot.com/2003_06_15_ablogofhisown_archive.html#95773001

Woo Hoo! With some help from N. Z. Bear I have fixed my perma-link problem. He has also fixes the link in the New Blog Showcase. All is well.

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