I Used Additions, and Subtractions...

OK, no subtractions, but to your left you will see some additions to the Blogroll, and other links.

First off in the Blogroll are two Blogs that I should have linked a while back. They are both group Blogs who's contributors include Dan of 44 fame, Mighty Tom (who's true identity is a secret, but I have my suspicions that he may also once been in a band called 44) Pat Mixdorf, and T-Clog. The first is Social Conscience (I think, although it may actually be "Social Concscience," Dan?), where they "talk about philosophy and politics." Based on past experiences I expect that I will agree with the ruminations somewhere between 50-60% of the time. The second is the Headlines Coalescence. Described by Dan as "...a lark effort we've had going through email for a couple of years-a way to keep creative juices flowing while mocking the low standard of journalism that is prevalent online. We skim over Google or Yahoo! headlines, pulling out a select few (7 per effort, these days), and making (hopefully) funny follow-up headlines. Usually something we churn out in 10 minutes or so over lunch..."

Under the music links you will find The Oliopolis. It is a site that Dan has created devoted to his various musical ventures. I think it is still "under construction," but maybe my linking it will prompt Mr. Hylton to get his ass in gear.

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