Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Direct Your Attention to the Jumbotron...

Well, if you happen to be at the Vikings game on Sunday you may catch some of my handiwork. Watch for a 30 second spot promoting the Pride Fridays Ticket Giveaway. It is set to U2's new single "Vertigo," and features clips of last years winners with Rusty, as well as Vikings highlights.

This represents the more enjoyable aspect of my job; I get to be creative. And this promo is unique in that I was completely on my own to produce it. I was told what was wanted, and that was it. I usually am granted quite a bit of latitude with Rusty (I usually get a script that serves as an outline, but am free to tweak it), but this time it was me and me alone, so that was kind of fun. It is also kind of cool that it is not only on our air, but will be featured at the Dome.

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