You may have noticed that I have left some questions unanswered here. Well, time to rectify that. Dave, the Wovel is, well, here. And here. And here. It is a wondrous thing. After the fist big snow, it took me less time than it ever has to clear the drive and walks. And it didn't take any longer than it did for my neighbor to do his with his snow blower. Actually less time if you count the time he took to get it running. And it was quieter. And I didn't have to buy gas.


Anonymous said...

Aaron did fail to mention the aching arms and shoulders for 2 days after. However, that probably beats the aching back.

Dave said...

After I posted that I remembered what it was. Sorry hair color moment.

I am impressed with the video. I was trying to fathom how it would work. Pretty cool.

Pat said...

It seems to work (and probably does wonders in saving your back) but it sure looks like the latest in Victorian ingenuity. Once the driveway was clear did you pedal out of your garage on a bicycle with a tiny back tire, with a huge handlebar mustache wearing britches?