Yes, I am still here

But I've been busy, what with having just graduating from Wartburg and all...

(Click on the image for full size)


Sean said...

LOL :-)

not the way to my money ;-)

(yes, i got it, too)

Aaron said...

Anyone else graduate again?

Pat said...


It's a long way from rock guitar God to Director of Alumni and Parent Programs at Wartburg, but I suppose it pays the bills.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Aaron. I re-graduated this year as well. As I suppose most of the alumni did.

Anonymous said...

I work in admissions and know people in development/advancement, so I'm pretty sure this slip is enough to ruin a summer's-worth of staff meetings. Unless they have an unusually light-hearted approach to campaign screwups.

Anyway, I can't believe nobody caught this before it went out.

Pretty funny, though.