About a week and half ago, at a small gathering on our patio, there was a discussion as to whether or not yellow jackets lost their stingers and died after stinging. I can report to you that they in fact do retain their stingers, and will sting multiple times.

Riding home from work today one of the bastards flew or crawled up the sleeve of my jacket. With the first sting I was forced to the side of the road, and (much to the amusement of passing motorists I'm sure) frantically started removing gear. First my gloves, followed by my glasses, so I could remove my helmet, so I could remove my messenger bag, so I could remove jacket. As I took my jacket off, my flying foe flew off. Not even the courtesy of sticking around so I could continue home with the satisfaction of knowing that the pesky vespidae was now just another grease spot on the Lake Street Bridge.

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