A couple of weeks ago I took Jaquandor up on on the Five Questions Challenge. Dan requested five of his own. As Dan doesn't have A Blog of His Own, I present to you my questions to Dan, and his answers.

1. You have at least a few nicknames (Shag, The Pizza Killer, The Panther). Which is your favorite, and what was the origin of the alias?

I'll throw in a couple of more: Sturdy Frame, Rude Nudie, Deadeye. My favorite, perhaps The Panther.

The summer of 96 I was training for the marathon, and on a particularly hot, tiring run (somewhere up in Long Lake Regional Park, I believe). In my delirium, I started chanting something about, "They can't stop The Panther. Panther's gonna get em. Here comes the Panther, etc." I can only assume it was that dormant Native American blood in me (my great great granddad was Fox Indian) conjuring up my animal sign during my time of trial. An unexpected Vision Quest.

2. You have a penchant for making lists and applying ratings to everything in sight. What is your most recent rating endeavor, and name your top five favorites of the items.

Funny, I can't recall a specific recent instance--though I am sure I was mulling over the most popular item about which to make a list: favorite musical artists. So here I go (and sorry, there's 6 cause of the tie): 1) Beatles 2)McCartney 3) U2 4) Prince 4) Paul Simon (tie) 5) Willie Nelson

3. Star Trek. TOS, or TGN? Oh, and your favorite episode from each.

TOG, and it's not even close. For TOG, the best episodes in terms of great all-around television are probably Space Seed, Trouble With Tribbles, & City on the Edge of Forever--and I might go with TwT, though I would be remiss if I didn't mention my campy favorite, The Savage Curtain (featuring Abraham Lincoln grappling with Genghis Khan and the infamous pants split).

4. You are currently (or soon will be) taking more classes to further your GIS training. For everyone that doesn't know, what the hell is GIS, and where do you hope to end up in the field?

GIS Geographic Information Science (though it can also refer to Geographic Information Systems--the tools the GIS person uses). The classes are for my masters degree. My goals are to a) Work in a geographic location that inspires me daily b) Do something meaningful to myself that benefits society c) Make enough money doing it that Sharon can quit
working if she wants (as in she has expressed an interest)

5. And this last one I am stealing from Jaquandor, because I just gotta know. If you could fly in any fictional air or spacecraft, which one would it be?

The Galileo 7! Actually, that's probably one you definitely WOULDN'T want to be on. I'd go with probably the Land Speeder. But Christ, WASH the thing occasionally, Luke!

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