I Hope He Wasn't Wearing a Helmet and Armor...

This jackass seems to have set the record for the biggest speeding ticket in the state of Minnesota. He was pulled over Saturday on Highway 61 near Wabasha, which is a great motorcycle road, after being clocked at 205mph. He was riding a Honda liter-bike. I am doubtful that Tilley had the skills necessary to even exceed 75mph, let alone 205. Even if he did, there are other factors beyond the control of the motorcyclist. Wildlife, other drives, road hazards and other unexpected obstacles can pop up before you can react at that speed. What makes Highway 61 a great motorcycling road (apart form the wonderful views of the Mississippi) is that it is twisty and hilly. At 205mph Tilley was without a doubt out running his line of sight. Even a stationary obstacle becomes nearly unavoidable when you only have a couple of seconds to react.

I was actually on the other side of the river on Saturday and the small towns were packed with your prototypical "bikers." These are the people who are more interested in parking their bikes for people to look, and letting loose with the obscenely loud rumble of their pipes. Which is fine with me. It isn't my thing, but hey, if they want to spend thousands of dollars on their bikes just for curb candy who am I? What does annoy me is that when they do hit the road, very few of them wear helmets, and they occupy the other end of the speed continuum from Mr. Tilley. Especially in the turns, which is, as I said, what makes riding along the Mississippi great.

I think it was George Carlin that said "Anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a moron."

Here are a few links to follow for safe motorcycling.

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