I'd Rather Play a Tele Than Watch the Telly...

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Like my man Mark who it turns out is an SG, but has never owned one, I have never owned a Telecaster. But have kinda wanted one for a while. I can't justify buying one, but maybe someday. As it turns out my first guitar was almost bought from Mark (I think it was a Yamaha acoustic), but that wasn't to be. I still own my first guitar, a Seagull s6, and imagine I always will. The next guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul LP100 (black, not any of the current finishes). It was a decent guitar for the price (I got a REALLY good deal on it), and when you consider that I sold it for about $20 less than I paid, well, that may be the best value I have ever gotten on anything. Next came the Epiphone El Diablo, which I still own. It really sounds pretty good through a PA, but I don't make much use of it lately. When I sold the LP100 I bought my current electric, an Epiphone Sheraton II.

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If you peruse Mark's list of his current guitars, you will see that he owns one as well.

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I also own a Mexican Fender Fretless Jazz Bass, and a Fluke Ukulele.

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